I’m so happy that you are reading this right now!

There’s a purpose why you’re here.

It is never an accident why you are in this page right now.

I don’t believe in accident, by the way.

And I’d like to think that you are searching for something.

Longing for something.

You are looking for answers to your questions.

Or you just want to be inspired.

That’s why you were lead to this page.

What ever that something is, I hope you will find it here.

I hope you will feel my heart as write (or type) every word in here.

That in some way, I will be able to convey my emotions from me to you.

That you will see what I try to illustrate with words and with my pen.

I desire that whatever you will get from here is a positive experience.

That will contribute to a better understanding.

A fresh new perspective.

Or even a better you.


A better you.


Hoping this is a start of our new relationship.

Glad we found each other.

God bless dear!










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